Deep Cleaning Carpet Tips that Every Homeowner Should Try

Carpets are a great way to add style and comfort to your home. You can use carpets to cover damaged floors or add coziness to your home after a hardwood floor installation. Depending on your style and the purpose you’d like your carpet to serve, you can choose your preferred carpet flooring material from a wide variety of fabrics available in the market.

However if you have carpets in your home, you may notice that they accumulate dust and dirt over time. This occurrence is especially common in houses with pets or heavy foot traffic. With children and pets around, your carpet is prone to liquid spillage, vomit, bacteria, urine, and other irritants and allergens. Dirt and stains can cause allergies, breathing problems, and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly clean your carpets to keep them in top shape and to keep your home healthy.

Although you may already be doing basic cleaning procedures for your carpets, you should routinely deep clean them as well. Before we share these deep cleaning carpet tips, you should first consider some of the reasons why you need to clean your carpet.

Why You Should Deep Clean Your Carpet

Stain and Dust Removal: According to The American Lung Association, carpets can trap pollutants such as allergens, dirt, dust particles, mites, and mold. Deep cleaning your carpet helps remove these deep-seated pollutants and, as a result, keep your home free from air-borne illnesses.

Revamping Your Carpet: Dirt and allergens can change the color and look of your carpet. However, when you deep clean it, you can revitalize its original color and appearance.

Improving Air Quality: You and your household are at a high risk of respiratory infections with dirty carpets. By deep cleaning, you improve the air quality of your home and keep it free from air pollutants. Also, you get fresh air that is free from bad odors.

Extending Your Carpet’s life: Deep cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris on your carpet that may cause it to wear and tear. Consequently, your carpet can last longer without needing to be replaced.

With these benefits in mind, it is time you consider deep cleaning your carpet. Below are some deep cleaning carpet tips you can try at home.

How to Deep Clean Your Carpet

Deep cleaning your carpet involves steps such as preparing the carpet and the cleaning solution, cleaning using various methods, and drying your carpet. To embark on this process, follow the steps below.

1. Prepare Your Carpet for Cleaning

Before deep cleaning your carpet, it is important to prepare the room and get the carpet ready for cleaning. Since you want to ensure that every corner of the carpet is cleaned, you should remove furniture out of the way to create more room for cleaning. If you are unable to move some items, you can contact a moving and storage company to help you move heavy and delicate items. While doing this, you can also consider getting a portable storage rental unit if you do not have enough space to store your items.

After having your furniture out of the way, you should vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris. Look out for areas previously covered with furniture, as these areas accumulate a lot of dirt. Go over the entire carpet to ensure that you spot-clean stained and soiled areas. If possible, allow for ventilation during the process by opening windows and doors.

2. Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

One of the most crucial steps in your deep cleaning carpet tips is to get the right mix for your cleaning solution. Most carpet solutions contain a mixture of water and detergent, but other chemicals may sometimes be added to the solutions to remove tough stains. Before mixing the solution, it is important to carefully read the labels on the cleaning detergent and follow the guidelines to get the right mix.

The right ratio for your carpet cleaner solution depends on your cleaning detergent. According to Rug doctor UK, if you use a professional carpet detergent, you need one part chemical for about 100 parts water. Alternatively, if you find this expensive, you can make a homemade cleaning solution for the stain you want to remove. Some common homemade solutions include a combination of vinegar and water, table salt and baking soda, baking soda and vinegar, and water with vinegar.

3. Get a Carpet Cleaner

After preparing your cleaning solution, the next step in your deep cleaning carpet tips is to rent or buy a carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaning machine is necessary for the deep cleaning process. This machine is designed to clean rugs and carpets by injecting detergent and warm water into the carpet fibers and extracting the wastewater. It comes in different sizes and patterns and can be found in cleaning stores or carpet companies. Since these machines are made for different applications, it is important that you rent or buy one intended for use in homes and not commercial or industrial areas.

4. Deep Cleaning Your Carpet Using Different Methods

Carpet Shampooing: Carpet shampooing is among the common methods homeowners use to clean their carpets. This method involves using a foamy detergent to remove dirt and stains from your carpet. A rotary brush is then used to agitate the detergent solution into the carpet fibers to release dirt and stains.

To begin this process, vacuum the carpet to eliminate debris and dirt. Then, mix the shampoo as per the manufacturer’s directions. Once the solution is ready, apply it to the carpet using a brush or a sponge to reach the fibers. Allow the shampoo to sit for around fifteen minutes before rinsing it with clean water and allowing it to dry.

Steam Cleaning: If you are sensitive or allergic to detergents and looking for alternative deep cleaning carpet tips, you can consider using the steam cleaning method. This method, also known as hot water extraction, involves using hot water vapor to clean the carpet and a powerful vacuum machine to suck dust and debris from carpet fibers. This method is a good alternative for those living in high-traffic homes with children and pets.

Dry Cleaning: If you are looking for a faster way to deep clean and dry your carpet, you may want to consider the dry cleaning method. This method uses a dry-cleaning solvent which is applied to the carpet and left to dry. Once dry, you need to vacuum the carpet to remove the solvent and any debris that may have loosened in the cleaning process. Using the dry cleaning method saves time since it reduces the time the carpet requires to dry.

Tips to Clean Different Stains and Dirt

Now that you are familiar with common cleaning methods, there are more deep cleaning carpet tips for removing different dirt and stains.

Pet Stains

If you have pets in your home, you will most likely have to clean pet stains now and then. Depending on the type of stain you find, you can know which method to use for your pet stain removal. For instance, for fresh dog urine, you can use a clean, dry cloth to blot urine before applying a cleaning solution. On the other hand, dry stains require you to vacuum the carpet as much as you can before proceeding to the next step. Afterward, mix a solution of water and vinegar, and then apply it to the stain with a clean cloth. Once you have managed to remove the stain, cleanse the area with clean water and use a towel to blot it dry.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be difficult to remove once it sticks to the fibers of your carpet. However, when this happens, you can easily use the following deep cleaning carpet tips to remove it from your carpet: First, place an ice cube over the gum for a few minutes until it hardens. Once it hardens, the gum will become solid, making it easier to remove from the carpet. Secondly, use a spoon or a dull knife to remove the gum from the carpet. However, if these two methods fail, you can use a carpet cleaning machine specifically designed for gum removal.

Nail Polish

Nail polish can be another difficult stain to remove, especially if the color deeply contrasts with your carpet’s color. To clean nail polish from your carpet, begin by blotting up as much nail polish as possible using a clean, dry cloth. Next, use alcohol, or mix equal measures of water and vinegar in a basin, and then dip a clean cloth to blot the stain. Finally, rinse the stained spot with clean water and blot it dry.

Food and Beverage Stains

Deep cleaning your carpet also means dealing with food and beverage stains. While cleaning solid food debris can be as easy as using a putty knife to scoop up the dirt, liquids can be more difficult. Nonetheless, you can remove liquids like coffee, oil, and wine using a mixture of soap and water or salt and water.

For this process, you need to blot the stain and then mist the solution over the carpet using a spraying bottle. Allow the solution to soak in for a few minutes, then scrub the solution into the affected area using a clean cloth. Finally, rinse with water and leave to dry. However, you should know that different liquids may require different methods to clean

Heat Stains

Heat stains can be tough on your carpet. Having some deep cleaning carpet tips may be very useful in such situations. For instance, when candle wax melts into your carpet, removing it when dried can damage the fibers on your carpet. To remove this kind of stain, consider using a hairdryer on hot settings to melt the wax. Once the wax melts, use a paper towel to remove it. However, if a section of your carpet has burnt stains, it would be best if you take it for carpet repair.

What to Do After Deep Cleaning

The last of the deep cleaning carpet tips you must remember is to let your carpet dry completely. After cleaning your carpet, you should completely dry it to prevent bad odor, mold, and mildew growth. You can do this using a dehumidifier or a fan to help the carpet dry faster. Also, allow for extra ventilation in the room by opening all windows to allow air to circulate freely. Lastly, allow the carpet to completely dry before moving your furniture in or allowing people to step on it.

With your furniture and other items still out, you can use this opportunity to restore your hardwood floor alongside deep cleaning your carpet. Hardwood floor refinishing services can help revamp the look of your home by restoring your hardwood floor to its new-like state. This process can also help remove the dust hidden under your carpet.

Once done with this process, you can bring the furniture back to your home, but be careful not to damage your carpet or floor. However, should damage occur accidentally, find out if home owners insurance can cover it. Doing this can save you from paying for carpet repair.

Final Thoughts

If you are a homeowner with young children and pets, your carpet will likely have frequent spills, stains, and other dirt build-ups. Knowing how to deep clean your carpet can help keep your home clean and free from disease. This process does not necessarily have to be as complicated as you imagine. By following the simple yet straightforward deep cleaning carpet tips above, you can clean your carpet if you cannot afford professional cleaning services. However, you should have the right tools and information to do the job. If you do not, contact us today to rent a carpet cleaner or get more information on deep cleaning your carpet.