Design Build vs General Contractor Which One Do You Choose?

This episode of Home Design and Remodeling Show focuses on the differences between Design-Build and General Contractors. The episode features a discussion with Sam of Custom Homes Building and Remodeling, who explains the benefits of a design-build company for building or remodeling homes in South Florida.

The discussion focused on steps to take when choosing a company for building or remodeling a home. One major step is to do your homework. Homeowners need a budget based on a vision and pricing for materials.

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These steps prevent homeowners from being taken advantage of. Another step is to find a local company that knows regulations, permits, and the local market.

Sam also spoke about his company, Custom Homes Building and Remodeling, as a design build home remodeler. A design build home remodeler is a one-stop shop for building or remodeling a home. This process incorporates interior design, architecture, and contracting in one company. The design build home remodeler process includes a feasibility study, design, architecture, and construction. A general contractor focuses on construction and budget. This saves time and energy for going different places to find these key roles in home building and remodeling.