DITY Move Program

Miliary moves

Military members that are assigned a temporary duty station or a permanent change of duty station can utilize the benefits that a military DITY move program provides. Furthermore, temporary additional duty orders will also qualify service members for the benefits that government provides for military moving. The Relocation Assistance Program is designed to give military families benefits for a military move as well. Families are encouraged to visit their military family center to gain information about the military dity move program. In order to utilize the benefits provided by the government for a move, it’s important to utilize a DITY move calculator.

One of the main advantages that are associated with moving programs like the DITY program is insurance. Insurance coverage is extremely important for a move. The DITY move program insures military members up to 25,000 dollars of coverage. Insurance coverage will cover the financial losses that service members experience if their possessions are lost, damages, or stolen during a move. Another advantage associated with the DITY program is additional time to handle a move. Service members can take advantage of the additional time they receive for a move if they use programs like the DITY program.

When services are handled by the government, a service member receives less time to prepare for a move. The biggest advantage of all associated with a military move program like the Dity program is the ability to pocket some extra cash. If a service member plans right and performs a big portion of their move on their own, they can receive cash in their pocket. Staying in control with the entire process of a military move is best done by using the DITY move program. There are online calculators and advice for service members that will help people be better prepared for their next move to a duty station.