DIY Repair Tips for Your Garage Door

If your garage door isn’t functioning properly, you may be able to repair it on your own. This could help protect your property and also save a bit of money. That said, especially with garage doors, it’s crucial to put safety first.

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The springs often used in these doors and other components can be immensely dangerous, and each year people end up seriously hurt by their garage doors.

One common problem with garage doors is buckling. Essentially, the door will cave in, often in the middle, and become bent out of shape. If this has happened to your door, it likely won’t function properly. Should you continue to use the door, the damage will probably worsen, making more extensive repairs necessary.

If the garage door has buckled, when you lower it you may hear a cracking or popping sound. This is normal, but it’s not a good thing and indicates pretty severe damage. While lowering the door, you may find that you can only lower it part-way. Once again, this isn’t unusual, but it’s not good either.

Unfortunately, if a garage door has buckled, the repair work can be difficult, and potentially dangerous. Many parts, including whole panels, may need to be replaced. It may also be a better idea simply to hire professional garage door specialists who can minimize risks and get your door back into shape quickly.