Eco-Friendly Building Supplies to Incorporate in Your Home Project

Here are some eco-friendly and alternative building supplies that can be used in place of concrete and steel.
1. Cork
Cork interconnecting blocks and roof tiles can make assembly simple while also allowing the structure to blend in with its surroundings.

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2. Coffee husk
Woodpecker Company has created building blocks that connect around a steel frame to create lightweight and easy-to-install tiny homes by combining coffee husk with plastic.
3. Newspaper wood
It’s made from glued-together and layered sheets of recycled newspaper, dried, compacted, and sanded to give them a wood grain appearance.
4. Mycelium
Mycelium may be utilized in 3D printing as the perfect non-toxic building material.
5. Algae
The photosynthesis process in algae cells converts the sun’s energy into building fuel.
6. Recycled Diapers
The plastic binding these sanitary goods are recycled into a variety of other building supplies including plastic cladding, decking, and roof tiles.
7. Cob
A mixture of sand, clay, and straw. It is combined by either dancing on it or using a digger to crush the particles together.
8. Plastic bricks
At high temperatures, plastic and sand are combined. When the plastic is melted, it works as a binder, allowing the mixture to be crushed into bricks that are both stronger and lighter than concrete.
9. Polyurethane plant-based foam
It is made from kelp, hemp, and bamboo and can be used for insulation and furniture construction.
10. Seaweed
Seaweed pillows, a more recent variation, were utilized as cladding for homes.