Everything You Need to Know About Home Generators

Don’t get caught unprepared! This hurricane season is a reminder that when nature happens your home power can be out for extended times. There are three primary ways you can use a generator in your home and stay connected despite extreme events.

The most popular way to use a generator is to run an outdoor generator in the house. This does tend to leave a large number of extension cords trailing across the home but is typically a more affordable price at $400 to $800.

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The second option for using a portable generator is to wire this into your house with the help of an electrician. This requires some planning ahead, but the generator will be connected to your circuit breakers and not by extension cords. Remember, both will need gasoline to power the generator. The third way is to use a permanent whole-house generator that runs off propane or natural gas. This system will turn on automatically, but think of costs around $8,000-$10,000. This permanent option may save the peace of mind of families with health conditions requiring continuously operating power. No matter which option you choose, you can benefit from a home generator. Learn more today.