Five Great Tips for Staying Cool While Going Green

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Much of the electricity Americans use comes from running AC systems to stay cool all summer. While cranking the AC might be the easiest way to beat the heat, doing so is not good for the environment because of all the electricity that those systems use. Plus, running the AC all day could cause utility bills to skyrocket, making your wallet a lot thinner than you’d like. However, there are lots of energy saving and cooling tips that you can use to cool your home down without running the AC. Taking advantage of them is a great way to enjoy the summer without spending extra.


While you might only think of using insulation to keep the cold out during the winter, it is also important for keeping cold air in during the summer months. Using a caulk gun to make sure windows are sealed properly and using draft guards underneath doors will help keep the cool air in so you don’t have to run the AC as much.

Turn the Shades Down

Generally, the sun is what will cause your home to heat up, so closing the blinds or curtains during the day is a great method of energy saving and cooling your home at the same time. Protecting your home from the sun’s rays is a great way to help AC systems and lower costs.

Take Advantage of Cool Evenings

One of the easiest and most effective going green tips for staying cool is to let in the cooler air during summer nights. Sometimes, the outside air will actually be cooler than what your AC blows out, so opening windows and getting a draft will help you cool down without turning on the AC.

Change Your Light Bulbs

LED lights are one of the best green products because, in addition to using less energy, they don’t get as hot when they are on for hours at a time. They are perfect if you need to keep the lights on while working at home or just while hanging out on the couch after the sun goes down.

Avoid Cooking Indoors

While you might not want to go out to dinner every night if you are trying to use energy saving and cooling techniques to lower utility bills, leaving the stove and oven off will help keep your home cool. Instead, try firing up the outdoor grill of whipping up a cool refreshing wrap.

If you want to truly go green, and are not just worried about lowering the cost of cooling, then you’ll also have to learn how to recycle at home and other going green ideas. But learning how to stay cool without cranking up the AC might be the best way to conserve energy.