How a Garage Door Company Lubricates a Door

In this informative YouTube video by Mike’s Garage Door, a garage door company, a meticulous guide on the proper lubrication of a garage door is presented. The video commences with a crucial safety reminder, urging viewers to turn off the power to the garage door before embarking on any maintenance activities.

The primary focus is on lubricating the door tracks, with a keen emphasis on the areas where the rollers traverse.

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The narrator dispels a common misconception, noting that the source of noise often originates from the track rather than the rollers themselves, underscoring the significance of directing attention to this specific area.

The recommended lubrication method involves fine-tuning the nozzle to a medium setting and delicately applying a thin coat of lubricant to the inside of the track, precisely where the roller will navigate. A thoughtful touch is introduced as excess lubricant is methodically removed with a cloth. This dual-purpose action not only ensures the smooth functioning of the track but also serves to eliminate any accumulated debris.

Critical to the process is the reminder to disconnect the garage door, followed by a thorough test to guarantee seamless operation post-lubrication. This comprehensive approach to garage door maintenance, coupled with safety considerations and practical tips, positions the video as an indispensable resource for homeowners seeking to enhance the performance and longevity of their garage doors.