How a Waste Water Heat Recovery System Saves Energy

Heated water makes up the biggest part of waste for most homes, businesses, hotels, and restaurants. The ‘Green Fox’ is a gravity film exchange which creates a film of heat energy by capturing the heat of the water being disposed of and transferring this heat energy with the coil bringing fresh water in. The system is compatible with all water heater systems including gas, solar, and electric heaters.
The system has no moving parts and depends fully on gravity to move the wastewater and heat the new fresh water; after installation and testing, you are good to go.

At under $1000, this system is most recommended for families of four or more people and businesses looking into wastewater solutions and recovery; fewer people and the unit will not really be breaking even and paying for itself fast.

Installation involves simply replacing a part of the existing drain line with the Green Fox system, then running the cold water line into the bottom of the system.

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The water coming out of the system is preheated to a temperature between 10 and 30 degrees then sent into the water heating system which heats it up faster than it would heat completely cold water coming into the heater and this is how you conserve energy.