How Can Your Troubleshoot Your Hot Water Heater Issues

There are times when our hot water heaters don’t seem to be working. The YouTube channel and Pros DIY teach viewers how a hot water heater can be repaired without the need for professional service.

A simple step you can take is checking the immediate area for any water at the base, excess dust in the exhaust, or to see if the status light is blinking.

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Also, by removing the panel on the burner door, you can look into the sight glass to see if the pilot is lit. Relight it if you can’t see it.

Another troubleshooting method is checking the flow of the gas supply. Try turning on your fireplace or stove to see if either light. If not, check the storage tank or gas meter.

When checking the baffle for any exhaust issues, such as misalignment, be aware of how extremely hot the parts of your water heater can be. Always exercise caution, especially when touching any parts close to a heat source.

Some more complex fixes involve testing the thermal switch and testing the system for adequate voltage. For a blinking status light, there should be a code list indicating what the flashes mean.