How Do Frameless Glass Doors Work?

Have you ever wondered how frameless glass doors work? Frameless glass is not only more appealing but also takes up less space in your home.

When installing frameless glass, in between the glass panels there is a sealant that is used. The sealant is made up of a UV-protected, translucent h-channel weatherstrip which tightens the seal on the inside and the outside.

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The tight seal gives any wind, air,  and moisture zero opportunity to come between the frameless glass panels.

Frameless glass is made up of either tempered and laminated glass. These two pieces come together making the total thickness of the frameless glass just over half an inch. With the glass, comes the track that the glass sits on. The track gets recessed into the ground to make for a nice and flush finish. When opening the glass panels, you will open from either the far right or left-hand side, and slowly stack each panel until you reach the end.

Unlike regular doors, frameless glass doors allow you to open up as many panels as you’d like with each day-to-day activity. Frameless glass installation is incredibly strong, satisfying, and fights all weather conditions.