How Does a Siding Expert Replace Damaged Siding

In this video, you will learn about the replacement process of damaged siding with the help of a siding expert. A vinyl siding is quite simple to work with, for a siding expert. All the pieces of vinyl are molded in a way as to look like two courses of siding.

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It also has a strip of nails to be able to install it. So, the siding expert uses this in order to place and renew the damaged siding.
The expert pushes down on the old siding for it to pop out and then gets rid of the old one. After that, a new piece of side is picked up and then slide up to fall on the strip of nails. After doing that he will have to install the nails on the strip so that it can be fixed to its place. The same process is followed to take out and replace the old or damaged siding. In this way, it is a piece of cake for the expert as it does not require much time and energy.
However, it is not the business of one man so the siding exert brings in one or two partners with him to get the job done more easily.