How Does Central AC Work?

There are tons of things for new homeowners to learn, including how to keep their homes up, running, and well maintained. For those who have central air conditioning, understanding their cooling system can appear daunting at first. We’re here to help. Below is a video to help new homeowners better understand how their central air conditioning works.

Central air conditioning units have indoor and outdoor components.

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The condensing unit sits outside and has the compressor, coils, and motor. The unit’s cooling coils are located inside the home and are usually placed near the furnace or air handler. There’s also a fan that blows the condensed cool air through ducts connected to rooms throughout the house.

Warm air that’s in the home is sucked out and removed through the return. Once the room reaches the correct temperature, the thermostat sends signals to the condensing unit and fan, prompting them to shut down. When the thermostat measures that the temperature has risen above the setpoint, it signals the compressor and fan to begin working again.

While it’s important to understand the basics of how central air conditioners work, it’s also key to know when to reach out to local HVAC professionals for help.