How is a Custom Wrought Iron Railing Fabricated

A custom wrought iron railing can be a great talking point for your home or business. However, working with a specialist who can fabricate the design you have been playing around with makes the experience that much more rewarding. In this video, you get to watch as Art Hamilton works with the host to make something beautiful, one step at a time.

Video Source

To start with, a design has to be put to paper. Then, an expert will warn you about the extra costs that could be associated with a more intricate design. That gives the consumer an option of what they are comfortable spending.

Once decisions have been made, parts for all the pieces will be cut, and spacing will be measured. Then, the channels will be punched, and the pieces will be laid out. When everything is squared, it can all be put together. The grinding happens after everything has been assembled. Lastly, the finishing touch of powder coating is added.

Now, onto the install!.