How Mattress Stores Totally Rip You Off

Are you in the market for a new bed? The thing is, there is a good way to buy a mattress at mattress stores. Most of the time though, these stores are trying to rip you off. Here are some tips for finding the best furniture store for you and how to avoid scams.

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When you first walk into a mattress store, someone will usually run up to you and try to sell you something. This would be a salesman, and they typically are the ones who are trying to rip you off the most. First of all, they will try to preach the efficiency of a no flip bed. Mattress stores created this idea that you need to flip a bed every so often so that it wears evenly, but almost every mattress doesn’t work this way. It’s just another way for them to preach the fact that they have something nice and shiny for you. Another thing a local furniture store will do to you is trying to sell you all the added accessories that make the bed more comfortable. The problem is, half the time these are things you’ll never use on the bed.