How Much Should You Budget for Your Basement Remodel

With construction costs rising over the roof, most homeowners are looking to remodel their basements into living spaces instead of expanding their homes. Not only can a basement remodel add space to a home, but it can also increase its overall value. Homeowners can DIY their basement remodel projects, but for best results, they should hire basement remodelers. How much should homeowners budget for their basement remodel projects? According to the narrator in the video, when people are building their homes, there is an option for the contractor to build the basement, albeit the flexibility is limited.

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The better option for a homeowner is to wait until their home is fully built and consider the basement.

When looking for basement remodelers, homeowners should invite multiple bids. This helps them find a contractor they’re comfortable with. Inviting numerous bids for a basement remodel also helps homeowners compare prices. When remodeling a basement, most homeowners typically want a bedroom and washroom combo as well as a general recreational area. For instance, the cost to remodel a basement in Denver is roughly $50,000. When homeowners remodel their basements during the home construction phase, they can save some cash. In addition, homeowners can forego items they want, such as a basement washroom, to save money.