How To Get Your Pool Ready For The Winter

Winter is just around the corner and this not only means no more swimming for you and your family but it also means it is time to get infinity pools ready for the winter season. Although no one wants to think about colder temperatures coming soon, and although some cold temperatures are already among some of us, we also realize we have to winterize our infinity pools. Whether you do this yourself with some of the tips provided in this article or you hire pool contractors, you must get it ready for the cold season coming soon. Keep reading for some awesome tips t for how to get your pool ready for the winter.

Tips For Winterizing Your Pool

Depending on where you live, you may not need to keep your infinity pools covered for the entire winter season. Exceptions for this include if you aren’t worried about leaves or other debris getting into it or if you live in a warmer climate than some people do. The reason for not having to keep it covered for the whole winter is because not letting it air out every once in a while can cause the chemicals to build up in it, making the smell of chlorine unbearable. Although you do want to keep it covered sometimes during the winter, you also need to air it out every once in a while. It is recommended to air it out at least once per week, according to realtor.com.

However, if you do decide to keep it open all winter long, you will still need to do weekly pool maintenance. You can either do this yourself, or, like mentioned above, you can hire pool contractors to do this task for you. Either way, make sure it is done because if not, the plaster and the calcium will end up peeling, among other problems not keeping pool maintenance up can cause you.

Although you don’t want to keep your pool covered during the entire winter if you live in a warm climate, you do want to keep it covered the entire winter if you live in the exact opposite climate where temperatures dip below freezing. The reason for this is to keep your pool, the water pump, and the lines, all from freezing. It is, however, recommended to clean it completely out before closing it up for the winter.

You will need to do these winterizing procedures before the temperatures start to dip and before everything starts to freeze. Winterizing your infinity pools includes adjusting the water levels, checking your water chemistry and fixing it it any problems occur, draining your pool, blowing the water out to prevent it from freezing up, and finally, putting a cover over it for the winter season.

One thing is for sure, if you do not clean your pool before winterizing it for the colder season, you will have problems when bringing it back open for summer and it will cost you more to do so.

More Tips For Pool Maintenance During The Winter

When keeping your pool covered for the winter, you will need a cover pump and a pool net. These are important because the cover pump will pump any snow, ice, or water that collects on top of your infinity pools cover, which you do want to prevent from happening. You also need the net to collect dirt, leaves, and debris that piles on top of the cover. Keeping the cover clean as much as you keep your pool clean is an important task during the winter season.

If you don’t know anything about pool maintenance or don’t want to try doing it yourself because you are afraid you will mess something up in your pool, calling and gathering price quotes on different pool contractors might be a good idea for you.

How do you winterize your pool? Let us know in the comments below!