How to Have an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficient home heating

Efficient home heating is a necessary system to prevent unexpected heating bills. When a home has efficient home heating, the rooms are kept at a constant temperature without fear of any heat being wasted through cracks, drafts or a faulty heating system. In order to have energy efficient home heating, it necessary to purchase a heating system that guarantees efficiency. These products will typically be more expensive up front, but will help save money in the future.

Efficient home heating systems can be found at any appliance or hardware store. Many also include a total yearly energy cost price to compare with those that are not energy efficient. Also, it may be best to have the system professionally installed to ensure everything fits and works the way it should.

One home efficiency tip is keep the temperature turned down, not off, when not at home. Keeping the heat up just enough to prevent the pipes from freezing or bursting can help save money and energy. The heat can easily be turned back up. Heat rises, so another trick is to have ceiling fans going to help move the heat around the house and keep it from getting stuck at ceiling level.

When heating the home, do not turn the heater above what is comfortably warm. It will not warm the house faster and will use up more energy in the end. It is best to figure out what temperature is most comfortable and keep the heater set there when people are home. When turning the heat back up upon arriving home, go only to that predetermined temperature and no higher for efficient home heating.

Efficient home cooling follows similar rules as efficient home heating. Purchase an air conditioning system that is certified to be efficient. Keep it turned up or off when not at home to save money and energy. Also, use ceiling fans to move the cool air around the house so the temperature drops and stabilizes quicker.