How to Increase Your Property Value With Excellent Landscaping

Lawn care

Since you’ve been planning to have your home’s surrounding grounds landscaped, chances are that you’re going to hire experienced landscapers. In this way, you can be assured that your landscaping will be excellent rather than just good enough. Whether you’ve realized that it’s past time to upgrade your outdoor spaces, or are preparing to put your house on the market, a professional landscaper will work closely with you to create what you envision and more.

In addition to adding a pond or a waterfall in your backyard, have you considered a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen? Other projects that you may be considering include sodding and seeding to create a productive or ornamental garden. You may also want to create a shady area with a copse of trees.

Were you aware that a dense wall of trees can block up to 95% of the sunlight? It can also reduce the sun’s heat by 75%. Furthermore, if your home doesn’t have an awning or another feature that creates shade, planting trees will be able to reduce your summer air-conditioning bills by 15% to 50%.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, when yards and homes are lined with trees, unwanted noise can be reduced by up to 50%. When you live in an area with lots of traffic or where the houses and apartments are located close together, this can make a significant difference in creating a more peaceful environment.

If you live in a region that experiences more than the average rainfall, then you may also be interested in having permeable paving installed in your front, side, and back yard. While it does depend on the paving design and material as well as the soil type and amount of rainfall, approximately 70% to 80% of the rain water can pass through these types of pavers.

During cold weather, you want your home to be as energy-efficient as possible. Were you aware that energy-efficient landscaping can reduce your home heating bills? The United States Department of Energy reported that this type of landscaping can save you up to 30% on these bills.

Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home at this time, you may be interested to know that landscaping can actually help you sell your home faster. According to Money magazine, when you make a solid investment on landscaping, it can bring a return on your investment of 100% to 200%.

The results of a Clemson University study found that homes with “excellent” landscaping sold for more than homes with “good” landscaping. This amounted to a roughly six percent to seven percent higher selling price. What’s more is that you can potentially speed up your home’s sale by up to six weeks.

When you contact a local landscaping company, they will have more design and energy-saving tips for you. While you may want to begin with your front yard to enhance its curb appeal, your landscape designer will have ideas for making your backyard even more inviting. Just imagine how much more you’ll enjoy being outside once these spaces have been landscaped by a professional!