How to Make Your Crushed Stone Driveway Last

When you are making a beautiful entrance to your home, you may want crushed stone services to create a driveway that is made from alternative materials. Many people like these types of driveways because they are cost-effective, and weather well. Crushed stone is highly durable, and it also looks great in a driveway.

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It’s often a choice when the driveway is very large to keep costs manageable for the property owner.

There are many ways that a crushed stone driveway can be made to last a long, long time. One of the ways that this is done is to water down all of the stone once it is in place. Then, a compactor is used on top of the crushed stone to get it snug into its place. This is a great way to hold the stones in place long term. It also prevents ruts from being made in the driveway when a vehicle drives on it.

Before these steps, the driveway is leveled so that there is a nice, even surface on the stone. After the wetting and compacting, the driveway will be anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ lower than it was before. This doesn’t affect the way it looks all too much, but it will affect its longevity.