How to Paint Your Family Room

When you want to change the look of your family room, you can consider painting the walls as a way of family room refinishing. This is an inexpensive change that makes a big difference. To start your family room refinishing, prep all of the walls for the paint. This means sanding down any rough spots, filling in holes and cracks, etc.

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Then, a paint primer needs to be painted on all of the walls that will be changed.

Then, you need to get your paint picket out. A gallon of paint will cover an area of about 400 square feet, so measure your room and buy enough paint. The color should go well with the color of the floor as well as with your furniture. Start painting high and then go low. If you are painting the ceiling, paint that first. If you’re only doing the walls, start with the top part of the wall. The trim should be done last.

Paint the edges of the wall with a small paintbrush. Once the edges are done, use a paint roller to paint the inside portion of the walls. Go slowly to avoid splattering paint off the wall and making a mess.