How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Short-Term And Long-Term Storage

motorcycle storageUp to 35% of American households own three or more vehicles while the average family owns two. Unfortunately, not many households and driveways have enough room to shelter all these vehicles including motorcycles.

Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles can only be ridden during certain times of the year. Although Texas is renowned for its warm weather, the lower winter temperatures can sometimes be too much for some riders. It’s for this reason that many riders will choose to place their bikes in motorcycle storage for the season.

However, before you place your bike in motorcycle storage it’s essential to properly prepare your bike. This can help to prevent damage, especially if you’re keeping your bike in motorcycle storage for longer than a few months.

Empty the fuel tank

Whether or not you choose to keep fuel in your motorcycle’s tank while it sits in vehicle storage depends on how long you plan to store it for. For instance, a few months in storage may be fine to keep a little gas in the tank.

However, if you’re placing your bike in outdoor storage or enclosed storage for a long period of time, it may be in your best interest to empty the fuel tank. This is because gas, when kept in the fuel tank, can cause condensation and rust damage to your bike over time.

To prevent rust during short-term storage, consider using a fuel stabilizer in the gas tank before you place the bike in storage. To circulate the stabilizer, ride the bike for a few minutes and then finish preparation by filling the tank.

Prop up your bike

You can cause permanent damage to your bike’s tires if you simply park your bike in an open air storage facility. This is also true if you keep your bike stored regularly in your garage.

An immobile bike places pressure on a single spot on the bike’s tires. Even when re-inflated, the tires won’t be able to re-shape because the rubber has shifted.

To prevent tire damage, keep your bike on a center stand. This will help reduce the pressure on the wheels and keep them from changing shape over time.

If your bike is taking up space in your garage or if you don’t have the right space to keep it dry and safe from hail, consider using motorcycle storage. Contact Toy Box Storage today for more information on available space.