How to Remove Sludge and Scale From Your Boiler System

In this YouTube video, Pros DIY provides information on removing sludge and scale from a water boiler.
The boiler system treatment involves adding chemicals to the water in the system and changing the filters. Regular boiler system treatment helps prolong the life of in-floor heating components like the circulator and zone valves.

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Start by changing out the side-stream filter first. The new filter catches any gunk and debris caused by the flushing that comes later. A descaler like F3 is added to the chemical-three feed tank. The system pushes these chemicals into the rest of the system at timed intervals and automatic pressures. Chemicals can also be added to a pressure-release valve component if the water boiler system is designed as such.

Shut the power off on the water boiler and stop the water flow from entering it. Drain off as much water as the chemical added to the mixer so the water boiler does not overflow during the mixing process. Keep adding the solution to arrive at the desired PSI. The chemical solution should be allowed to sit for approximately a week before performing the next steps.

After the treatment sits the required amount of time, flush the entire system with clean water. This process can take several hours. Refill the boiler. Add a water conditioner to it like F1 to help prevent the build-up of scale in the future. Add a new side-screen filter.