How To Rent a Portable Restroom

The video provides some tips so that people can get the most out of their Porta John rental service. The first tip is to consider the number of bathroom trips visitors will make due to alcohol and food consumption. They recommend that a renter rent one bathroom for every 100 people who will attend the event from four to six hours.

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Renting enough bathrooms will ensure that everything goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Sometimes unwanted guests can get the idea that they can use the facilities after hours or despite the fact that they never attended the event. The speaker suggests using zip ties to deter such people from entering the rental units. Another option is to put a lock on the door. The provider has lock kits they can provide for clients who want to add security. Additionally, they will need a copy of anyone’s key who chooses to put their own lock on the rental bathroom so that they can service the unit.

Light installations are the suggested remedies for individuals who will be placing their rental bathrooms in dark areas. They are the perfect additions to make everyone feel comfortable when using the facility. It’s best to have them if children will be attending the festivities.