How to Troubleshoot Electrical Problems

When it comes to having an electrical system, there are times when you may encounter issues and they will need to be fixed. In this YouTube video, RSP Supply goes over some basic troubleshooting so that you are never left in the dark. One of the most important things to be able to do when it comes to fixing electrical problems is being able to find where the problem is originating. This is called isolation.

When it comes to electrical issues, they can be big or small.

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It could range from a total power outage to just a loose wire. Since there is an array of different scenarios and possibilities it can be a difficult task.

In this video, they used a motor that isn’t working as an example. The first step is figuring out where to start when it comes to isolating the issue. If a motor isn’t running, you want to ask yourself if power is reaching the motor. RSP Supply mentions that having a multi-meter is crucial when approaching electrical issues. It is what can help identify is power is getting to the motor. Without this, it would be almost impossible to identify.

To keep learning about how to identify electrical problems, continue watching this video. But if your lights are out and you can’t figure out why give your local industrial lighting service a call.