How to Turn Your Mediocre House into Your Beloved Haven

Kitchen remodeling

While everyone may have some sort of idea for what they want their dream home to be like, many people do not see that dream realized right away. Often times it takes work and quite a bit of time, effort, and patience before the end goal is reached. And for some first time homeowners, the price tag is the most significant factor. Being able to buy a home and provide the shelter over your own head is admirable, but sometimes achieving that comes at the cost of the ideal vision you might have for the look, style, and function of your home. Figuring out how to transform your shelter into your sanctuary takes care and planning.

Updating the rooms in your house one by one

Chances are, if did not have the money to buy that mansion you had your eye on and you had to settle on buying a home that didn’t quite meet all of your initial expectations, you are not going to have a lot of money sitting around for elaborate renovation projects either. But what you can do is map out the projects that you hope to complete eventually, and take them on one at a time, slowly updating your entire home until you reach the finished product that you are pleased with. Or take on the projects by theme. Perhaps you are looking for a new bathroom vanity design, and while you are at it you can take a look at the custom kitchen design you have been mulling over and do the countertops in both rooms.

The bathroom vanity design that fits you best

All things considered, it may not seem like the most important thing to update your bathroom vanity design, but you just might be surprised how effective it will be to update such a significant visually dominant aspect of the home. Finding the right bathroom vanity design could help to set the tone for the rest of the house or help to line up the remainder of the projects. Many people don’t think about how important the bathroom design is, but it is, after all, the room that everyone uses multiple times daily.

What to tackle next

After you have completed your bathroom remodeling project, it is time to decide which room or project you will want to go after next. A kitchen remodeling will also make a big difference in the overall tone and style of your house, but it certainly is not something that you should try to jump hastily into. It has been recommended by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, or the NKBA, that it could worthwhile to take as many as six months to evaluate and plan the project before you ever start the first day of work. Refacing cabinets does wonders for brightening a space, but if there is water damage or the cabinets are in less than ideal shape, you will need to do more than just reface them. However that will give you a chance to get some quality cabinets in where perhaps the previous owners cut some corners.

Finding the right cabinets
Cabinetry that is certified will do well in the face of humidity, a large range of temperatures from well below freezing to extremely hot, and be resistant to the blistering or discoloration that might come from these factors or from typical spills you often encounter in the kitchen or bathroom. This could include food or fluids like ketchup or coffee, or cleaning products. If you are taking on your projects by theme instead of room, you could start working on a home library design or entertainment cabinets in the family room next.

However you decide to tackle the projects in your home to make it more you, remember to keep the end goal in mind. You are working toward creating your ideal haven, and all of the time, work and effort that you put in will end up being more than worth it.