Hot Tub Accessories You Shouldn’t Go Without

Are you a new owner of a brand new hot tub? Well, there are some hot tub accessories that you absolutely need to make sure your hot tub has a long-lasting life. This video talks about what you will need to take care of your hot tub.

People may think their hot tub only needs chemicals for care and that is far from the truth. If you want your hot tub to run smoothly you will need to grab these extra accessories.

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Just like a pool a hot tub also needs a vacuum. A vacuum will help keep your hot tub free of particles like sand, dirt, and grime. This will overall keep the water in your hot tub balanced.

Other items you will need are bleach and vinegar to protect from mold and mildew. These typically cleaning items are probably already stored in your home. The last few items you will need are sponges, a hot tub cover with a cover lifter, a leak sealant, a filler for cracks, a liquid test kit, and a filter cleaner.

To learn more about why you need each of these hot tub accessories for your hot tub, watch this video!