I am Channeling Goldilocks

Energy efficient home

I do not like being cold. I do not like being hot. Much like Goldilocks and her three bears, I like things just right. On my home turf, the weather is quite volatile and it can make the monitoring of my temperature comfort difficult, and expensive, to maintain. In the summer I need to have efficient home cooling because if I get too hot I go a little nuts and scare my husband. In the winter I need efficient home heating because when I get too cold I crawl in a sad little ball and whine and again, scare my husband.

When we moved into our new home in the dead of winter and then received our first utility bill, I wept. It was time to investigate energy efficient home heating systems and convert my new humble abode to a super spectacular energy efficient home. I took to the blogs and search engines to find out which were the most efficient home heating options for us.

From what I could tell, many systems considered themselves to be the most efficient home heating option. Solar heating, geothermal heating, wood heating, non geothermal heat pump, natural gas heating and oil heating. I am over electric heating. Following some deliberation I have decided the most efficient home heating system for me is a combination of solar heat, wood heat and natural gas.

Solar heating makes the list of most efficient home heating options because it is the least expensive for both instillation and operation. My home is designed for it. And once I am all set up there will be no operation costs except for extreme cold in the winter when I would need to supplement it. That is why wood heat has also made my list of most efficient home heating because it is very low cost for me as I receive cheap firewood. But I am concerned about contributing to something that is not sustainable. If everyone used wood fireplaces then we would be in trouble. So I will not use wood in the fireplace every day. That is where the last part of my most efficient home heating comes in. Natural gas is the last part of most efficient home heating plan. It is the cheapest conventional heating fuel and it is easy to monitor my use. That is my most efficient home heating and for now I am sticking to it.