Installing a New Garage Door

Avoid calling door installing services and learn how to install your new garage door step-by-step with our help. For this Menards video, we will teach you the best way to install a garage door without needing the assistance of door installing services.

First, unplug and release tension.

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Before installing the new garage door, you have to dispose of the old one. Unplug the old door and release the tension as you start dismantling. Be careful not to damage the old door frames. You can use them for your new garage door.

Install the roller track first. After you put the garage door frame and dispose of your old door, you can start installing the roller tracks for your new garage door. These roller tracks are responsible for moving your new garage door. It’s important to make sure they’re sturdy and tightly secured to the door frames. Roller track depends on your garage door type, but they work great for steel doors under nine feet in height.

Garage door installations are not as complicated as they seem. That said, follow the instructions accordingly for a successful installation.