Invest in These Services for Your Home This Year

Are you planning to undertake a home remodeling project this year? Renovations are a good investment whether you’re looking to refresh your house, improve its functionality, add value to your property, or plan to sell. Whatever the reason, two vital things can guarantee the success and results of your project – the renovations you choose and the contractor you hire. So, below are some renovation ideas to consider and the top residential remodeling companies to hire when planning to give your home a makeover.

Roof Services

According to Angi, roofing renovations are a popular remodeling project among homeowners. Their popularity is because of benefits such as improved energy efficiency, curb appeal, and property value. Additionally, renovating your roof keeps it in top condition, helping you avoid problems like leaks, poor ventilation, damaged flashing, and water damage.

Therefore, when renovating your home, you should consider a roofing project. You can choose from several projects, such as repairs to fix damaged shingles, gutters, flashing, insulations, etc. Restorations are another top roofing service you can hire for your remodeling project, which can help restore your house’s roof to its peak condition.

You can also improve your home by doing upgrades to your roof. For example, you can hire roofing contractors to install a skylight, which can help bring in more natural light and increase your home’s value. Other roofing upgrade ideas include installing solar panels, creating a roof terrace, installing a more efficient chimney, and changing the gutters.

Replacing the roof is another excellent home remodeling idea, making roof replacement contractors the top residential remodeling companies to hire for a makeover. Installing a new roof can offer many benefits, such as improving your home’s appearance, value, safety, and security.

Tree Service

Trees can affect your home in many ways. On the positive side, they can offer shade, privacy, and clean air. They can also improve your yard’s aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, they can damage your roof and gutters and impede great views. Some trees can also damage your home’s foundation via their roots.

Therefore, businesses offering tree services are some top residential remodeling companies to hire when looking to spruce up your home. And one of the vital tree services to consider is trimming and pruning, which can eliminate overhanging branches that can damage your roof and gutters. Trimming and pruning can also allow more natural light into your property and promote the trees’ healthy and vigorous growth.

Tree removal is another excellent exterior remodeling project to help spruce your home. You can hire tree cutting services to remove dead trees or those infested with pests and diseases, block the view from your property, or are a danger to your roof or foundation. Lastly, you can hire tree experts to care for the trees on your property. These specialists can offer you vital services such as fertilization, pest, and disease control, health assessment, etc.

Landscaping Services

According to a survey conducted by HomeLight, landscaping is a vital home remodeling project that adds a lot of value to your home. It also offers several other benefits, such as making your home stand out, creating relaxing outdoor spaces, improving air quality, eradicating pests, etc. Therefore, landscaping companies are other top residential remodeling companies to hire when looking to make home improvements.

Lawn care is one of the top services to hire when investing in landscaping. Professional landscapers can offer you services such as mowing, lawn trimming, fertilization, irrigation, mulching, aeration, and others, which can give you a perfect lawn. They can also help you control pests, weeds, and diseases, which can maintain the lushness of your grass and prevent infestation of other areas around your property.

Besides lawn care, you can hire landscaping services when growing turf from scratch or installing sod on your property. You can also use landscape contractors for other remodeling projects like designing the outdoors, installing landscape art and features, installing lighting, etc. These services can help transform your home’s exterior into a beautiful space where you and your family can relax and have lots of fun.

Painting Services

According to the American Coating Association, residential painting has been on a rising trend, both for professional and DIY painting projects. The increased popularity of painting can be attributed to its many benefits – painting is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh and revitalize a home. This makes painting companies essential for residential remodeling companies to hire where you’re planning renovations.

Therefore, painting your house is an excellent idea if you want to remodel your home. You can start by hiring local interior painting contractors to paint your interior walls, which can help uplift the look and feel of your home. Apart from the walls, painters can install wallpapers and paint other surfaces like ceilings, doors, furniture, shelves, and cabinets.

Painting is also a perfect exterior remodeling project that can instantly renew the aesthetic appeal of your house. You can hire painting contractors to paint exterior walls, which can breathe back life into your home’s exterior. In addition, you can paint other surfaces like the sidings, roof, front door, window trims, fence, mailbox, garage door, and deck, restoring their original aesthetic appeal.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

According to a survey by Houzz, bathrooms are one of the top areas many homeowners focus on during remodeling. Bathroom renovations have many benefits, including fixing bathroom issues, improving functionality, restoring aesthetic appeal, and adding value to the home. Therefore, a bathroom remodel company is another one of the top residential remodeling companies to hire if you want to make home improvements.

When remodeling your bathroom, several ideas can help give your bathroom a facelift. For example, you can paint the walls, upgrade the vanity, water faucets, and showerhead, update the lighting, and add décor items like mirrors. These renovations are simple, inexpensive, and can help to improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, making it more inviting.

You can also hire bath remodeling contractors for some major remodel projects. For example, you can replace the flooring, install or replace the bathtub, replace the vanities, add floor space, install or replace wall tiles, etc. You can even do a bathroom addition – another excellent idea to make your home more functional.

Cabinet Services

Cabinets play a vital role in your home. For example, they offer extra storage, improving organization and making your house more functional. They also have excellent design features – they come in various colors and stylish finishes, which enhances your home’s attractiveness. Therefore, cabinet companies are some of the top residential remodeling companies to hire when looking to give your home a makeover.

The kitchen is one of the top areas to consider when doing cabinet remodels. You can give your kitchen cabinets a makeover by refinishing them – repairing any damages and re-staining or repainting them. You can also reface the cabinets with new materials such as veneer, wood, plywood, and vinyl, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Alternatively, you can replace your current cabinets if the old ones are damaged beyond repair. You can use several cabinet design ideas to give your kitchen a new look. Top examples include a sleek design with neutral tones or bold and bright colors to make your kitchen livelier. Other excellent ideas include dark stains, earthy colors, murals, touch-to-open designs, etc.

Flooring Services

Flooring is another one of the most popular home remodeling projects for homeowners. They often make these renovations to fix the damage in their homes, make the house more functional, create more space, increase value, etc. A remodeled floor can also significantly enhance the look and feel of a house. Therefore, if you’re looking for residential remodeling companies to hire for home renovations, you should consider flooring contractors.

One of the top flooring remodeling ideas is to restore your floor. The restoration process involves repairing damaged areas, refinishing and resurfacing (for wood floors), grout cleaning, repolishing, applying a new coating, etc. These services can offer you an inexpensive way to restore the original look of your floors, giving your home a massive uplift.

You can also hire a flooring company for extensive floor remodels, for example, replacing your floor. If you opt for replacement, you can choose from various flooring materials like tile, hardwood, concrete, stone, laminate, vinyl, and carpet. Lastly, you can change the floor layout plan or build an addition to increase the floor space during your home remodeling.

Paving Services

Are you still looking for residential remodeling companies to hire? Consider hiring paving contractors. Paving is another excellent remodeling idea that can help transform your home by enhancing the attractiveness of your outdoors. It’s also an excellent idea for increasing your home’s value.

When it comes to paving, one of the top areas to pay attention to for your home remodeling is the driveway. Paving services can help you create a clean, elegant-looking driveway that improves your home’s curb appeal. For example, asphalt paving companies can help you install a new asphalt driveway or restore your current one if it’s worn out.

Besides asphalt, you can hire paving contractors for other types of driveways. These include concrete, crushed stone, terracotta tiles, brick, paver stones, etc. On top of that, you can use paving services to create other outdoor spaces, such as walkways and patios. This can help make your outdoors look cleaner and more appealing while offering you excellent areas for relaxation, entertainment, or hosting guests.

Basement Remodeling Services

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the basement is another favorite part of the house for homeowners looking to remodel. Its popularity can be attributed to several reasons, including its high return on investment, increased property value, and adding extra space to the home. Therefore, if you’re looking for residential remodeling companies to hire, a basement contractor should be at the top of your list.

When remodeling your basement, you can use several ideas to transform it from a dark space into a comfortable living area. For example, you can install insulation, waterproofing, drywall, and flooring. You can also paint the walls, install light fixtures, and add furniture. Other ideas include installing storage solutions, a bathroom, a kitchen, etc. – depending on how you want to use the basement.

With the above remodels you can use your basement for various purposes. Top ideas include a bedroom, gym, home theatre, entertainment area, and more. However, you may also need basement remodeling services to repair and restore your finished basement. For example, your basement may require renovations if there is water damage, mold, or foundation problems. A remodel is also an excellent idea for refreshing your finished basement.

Plumbing Services

When looking for residential remodeling companies to hire, you shouldn’t forget about plumbing contractors. Plumbing services are vital if you’re looking to repair or upgrade your plumbing system. You may also need a professional plumber when undertaking any other remodeling project that affects your plumbing.

One of the top remodeling ideas for plumbing is to upgrade or replace your plumbing system. For example, you can upgrade plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, water heaters, boilers, toilets, etc. These upgrades can help fix various plumbing issues that require constant repairs. They can also improve your home’s functionality and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

You may also need a plumbing contractor when replacing your plumbing system. This can be necessary after moving into a new home if you plan on selling or if the plumbing system has become outdated. Lastly, you’ll need remodeling plumbing services when undertaking projects, such as kitchen and bath renovations – working with a professional plumber reduces the risk of water damage and other costly plumbing mishaps.

A home remodeling project is an investment in your property. Therefore, before undertaking one, you must ensure it will offer you the desired results. If you’re considering home improvements, the above are some of the top residential remodeling companies to hire and remodeling services to acquire for the perfect makeover.