Keeping the Chimney Clean Maans Santa Can Slide Right Down

Long island chimney company

Chimney cleaning Long Island is like finding a good mechanic who knows your car inside and out even before you drive it into the garage. The possibilities for chimney problems exist because, well, fire can be as predictable as the weather in Nova Scotia. Chimneys can be explosive, be noisy, and sometimes have even been known to shoot flames out of the top. Restricted air supply, unseasoned wood and cooler than normal temperatures can also be the catalysts for buildup and the tar byproduct called creosote. If you have these issues or think they need to be checked out, contact a chimney cleaning Long Island service to find out more about services and maintenance costs.

Chimney cleaning Long Island services can also give the homeowner some tips and tricks to keeping their chimney clean without having to constantly hire a chimney sweep Long Island. One common tip that duct cleaning Long Island companies offer is not to burn anything like trash, cardboard, or old papers in the fireplace. They also say to never leave a burning fireplace unattended. These tips are somewhat obvious but one less commonly known is that fireplace ash can be used to neutralize the smell of a dog if it has been sprayed by a skunk.

Chimney cleaning Long Island companies are also used in duct cleaning new york. A chimney sweep is one of the trained experts in chimney and duct maintenance when it comes to chimney cleaning Long Island. Chimney sweeps are trained to repair and diagnose chimneys and fireplace hazards as well as maintenance tasks like removal of flammable creosote, firebox and damper repair, and smoke chamber repair. If you notice that your chimney is having one of these issues, be sure to contact a chimney cleaning Long Island company or talk to a Long island chimney repair company who has experience with chimney repairs and chimney sweeps.