Replacing Your Windows Different Types of Windows That Are Ideal For Your Home

Homeowners have many responsibilities. They need to care for the inside and the outside of their home on a daily basis. For the inside of the home, homeowners may need to replace furniture, carpets, and most importantly- windows. Some homeowners do not think about their windows, however. They do not consider the importance of windows. First, windows protect the homeowner, family, and guests from weather conditions. People have to deal with strong winds, heavy rain, snowstorms, and cold temperatures. Essentially, windows keep bad weather out and comfortable air in. In fact, certain windows are very effective at absorbing heat and air conditioning. So, windows are a necessary component to a house. However, there will come a time when homeowners need to consider home window replacement just like other objects in their houses. If you’re a homeowner and you need a home window replacement, here are some types of windows that are ideal for your home.

It is important to note that before choosing windows for home window replacement, you need to make a few decisions. First, you can replace your windows in their existing frames. Discuss your options with the window installation company. Additionally, consider your climate. Do you live in an area that is constantly cold? Constantly warm? After that you will have some selections to make. Some of these selections include the frame types, glazing types, and operation types. You can always discuss the entire process with your window company.

Energy Efficient Windows

The first windows to consider for your home, old or new, are energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows are very important. Energy efficient windows have the potential to drastically lower your heating and cooling bills! This is important because if you have drafty windows, escaping air can increase your bill by 10-25%. Here’s how energy efficient windows work:

Energy efficient windows contain a Low-emissivity glass. This glass blocks 90% of the sun’s damaging, hot rays. Low-E glass keeps the heat inside when it’s cold outside, and the cool air in when it’s hot outside. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about drafty windows with energy efficient windows. Installers use polymer structural foam to insulate the windows. Lastly, you can choose different panes for energy efficient windows. You can choose between a double paned or triple paned window. Both of these windows block damaging UV rays from outside. Not only will this keep you content, but it saves your carpet because UV rays can fade your carpets! If you need a home window replacement, energy efficient windows may be ideal for you, because of their many benefits.

Casement Windows

When considering home window replacement, casement windows are the second type of windows you should consider. Casement windows are energy efficient. These windows have a sash that presses against the window frame when it’s closed. This creates the perfect seal to keep cold air out. Casement windows offer great security. Casement windows have locks that cannot be reached from the outside. It is actually physically impossible. Additionally, their hook-shaped locks within the frame makes it appear that they’re tough to break into. So, you will not have to worry about intruders getting into your home if you have casement windows. Casement windows give a modern feel to your home because they are elegant, and can be placed in any type of room. Lastly, casement windows open fully. They do not open partially and then stop. So, on nice days you can get a lot of fresh air into your home with casement windows.

Awning Windows

In terms of home window replacement, awning windows are different than traditional casement windows. First, they provide great ventilation. Awing windows can be placed higher up on walls than regular windows. The placement allows natural light to flow through homes without compromising the privacy of the homeowner. Awning windows are good for homes in damp climates. Water will not seep into the home because of the location of awning windows. These windows have an air-tight seal so air will not pass through. So, you’re fully protected from weather conditions with awning windows. They are also contemporary in appearance.