Safely Sawing Concrete

Concrete seems like one of those things you shouldn’t reasonably be able to cut with a saw, but the process is actually relatively simple. Concrete cutting is quite hazardous but with the right materials and all of the proper precautions you can have it done in a few passes easily.

As with any project, measure twice and cut once. Putting a guide down for yourself, whether it’s chalk line, spray paint, or pencil, will give you the peace of mind that you’re cutting where you’re supposed to be.

Video Source

It’s much easier to move a chalk line than a cut in stone.

The most important factor in concrete cutting like this is to be able to flood the cutting site with water. This is a pretty universal tactic. It keeps debris clear of the blade and the cutting path, helps reduce friction between the two materials, and keeps more concrete dust out of the air. As mentioned in the video, you have to be careful you’re not using too much water. Do some research into the optimal amount of water to use with your blade type, as if you exceed this you could damage the blade beyond use. Remember that using water with power tools is always an electrocution risk, and it’s best to use an RFI outlet that can shut off the circuit in case it shorts out.