Secrets to a Perpetually Clean House

What are the secrets to a perpetually clean house? We’ll divulge a few! You already know that keeping your home clean is a sure way to avoid allergens, irritants, and discomfort. A clean home is a happy home. Yet, you might struggle to maintain neatness in your home as often as you’d like. Not to worry! The following tips will help you keep a meticulous home on a regular basis.

Get Professional Cleaners

Hiring commercial cleaners is one of the best tricks of a perpetually clean house. These professionals offer different house cleaning services, from commercial cleaning and janitorial services to laundry services, sanitization, and pressure washing services.

These professionals have various advanced tools and equipment to ensure your home is clean. They follow a particular schedule, meaning your house will be attended to whenever it gets dirty. You will often rely on them for bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning services, vacuuming, and dusting.

Suppose you are on a tight budget. Then, you can hire a professional for unique instances. You can indulge them in follow-up cleaning from time to time, preferably weekly or monthly.

Make Space

Minimalism has become an art worth embracing. This approach improves the airiness of your room, allowing you to make critical adjustments when necessary. It also creates enough space to ensure that everything works out well. Besides, an uncluttered room is effortless to clean. For this reason, ensure that you remove all unwanted or unnecessary items in the room.

One of the secrets to a perpetually clean house is understanding how to create space. In such instances, you could consider tossing, selling, or donating items you no longer use. You can also organize them into particular storage containers. The idea is to remain with the items you use daily, increasing usable space and airiness. This way, you can easily spot dirty spots in the house.

Create a Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule

The idea of creating enough time is among the best secrets of a perpetually clean house. A comprehensive cleaning schedule will help you ensure the house is always sparkling. It is critical for your long-term productivity.

First, ensure that you do your chores. This move allows you not to overburden yourself with too many tasks to choke you. Have separate days to clean your laundry, do your garden, and clean the walls. If you can stick to this move, it becomes easier to form a habit.

At the same time, you could pair your tasks. Intentional task pairing helps you accomplish mundane chores more effortlessly. The idea is to do a job while participating in something else you love. For instance, you could consider listening to music while dusting the house. Pairing the same tasks will help create a ritual, making it easier to handle your cleaning duties easily.

Sparing a few minutes before and after bed will help tidy your place. You must time yourself appropriately to get the best results in this case. For example, you can spare five to ten minutes to do mundane cleaning tasks before bed every day. This approach ensures minimal dirt by the time you consider general cleaning.

Various everyday tasks can be accomplished without scheduling time for them. For instance, you can consider washing while cooking, ensuring that no dishes or utensils are dirty by the time you finish cooking. This approach will guarantee a tidy kitchen and, by extension, the house. It is among the top secrets to a perpetually clean house.

Focus on The Surfaces

Keeping your surfaces clean will help add a glow to your house. Always start with keeping the countertops clean and smooth. These countertops are usually littered with spills and stray items, making them visually unappealing. As long as you minimize the number of things put on the countertops, it becomes easier to keep the kitchen tidy.

You will also pay attention to the floors. Removing dirt and debris on the floors will help reduce the number of allergens in the air, cushioning your family against health complications. Suppose you have hardwood floors. In that case, you need to clean them using enough water and soap. You will also need a microfiber mop to remove the dirt, hair, and debris on these floors.

There is a high chance that you’ll forget to clean your walls. Yet, they are the first place guests will look at when they enter the house. Keeping the walls clean will help improve the beauty of your home. Most experts suggest you clean the walls twice or thrice a year. However, you’ll need to add a fresh layer of paint if the walls start losing their luster.

Delegate Tasks

Task delegation is among the top secrets to a perpetually clean house. If you share your home with someone else, clutter and dirt are a group effort. That means you should not be the only one cleaning the house. Taking turns to keep the place clean will help break the monotony. It will also make all the family members more responsible in the long run.

Alternatively, each family member is assigned a task to handle every time cleaning is necessary. You could divide the tasks into vacuuming, sweeping, home junk removal, and dusting. Every participant must do their task effectively, eliminating the need for repeat jobs.

However, ensure that cleaning does not feel like a chore. Instead, add a touch of fun to it, ensuring every family member looks forward to it. Making it seem like a family reunion will help ensure that everything seems less boring in the long run.

Make Laundry a Priority

Did you know doing laundry is among the top secrets to a perpetually clean house? Ensuring that your clothes are clean and well-folded will minimize clutter in the home, ensuring your room appears more organized.

The first step is to embrace a minimalist wardrobe to reduce laundry. While this approach might seem to increase the number of times you do laundry weekly, it is not the case. All you have to do is have the right colors. Darker clothes allow you to do a lot of laundry in one load.

There are multiple options you can consider for cleaning your clothes: weekly, bi-weekly, daily, or drop-off services. The choice depends on how dirty your laundry is and your personal preferences. Weekly and bi-weekly options are suitable for large families. On the other hand, a daily option is ideal for anyone who does not like doing laundry at once.

Remember that the Kitchen is a Sensitive Place

You must start with the kitchen if you are looking for the best secrets of a perpetually clean house. The cleanliness of your kitchen will determine how healthy and safe your food will be. You’ll need to clear the worktops and clean every utensil within this room to ensure everything is safe.

Decluttering the counters should be your first step. Embracing minimalism on kitchen counters helps ensure the kitchen looks elegant. This approach ensures that the kitchen is easy to clean and wipe whenever necessary.

You might also need to clean as you go. A clean-as-you-go approach implies that you must clear any mess caused as soon as it happens. It saves you time, as it takes no more than two minutes.

A weekly spruce-up will also be necessary. This cleaning process takes approximately 30 minutes, mainly if you have observed the first two secrets to a perpetually clean house above. You can use hot water to clean the surfaces during this time, killing pathogens and allergens from them.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

The top secrets to a perpetually clean house will not be complete without addressing your outdoor environment. Ensuring that your curb is appealing is the first step towards having a clean home. Notably, you’ll consider multiple aspects during this period, including the following.

A clean driveway is essential in adding glam to your house. Power washing is critical in preventing the growth of moss, mildew, and mold. If this is a newly constructed home, you might need to consider asbestos removal of the surfaces.

Your yard must also be sparkling. In most cases, you will have to remove trash, leaves, and dirt on the lawns to give them their sparkle. You will also need to trim or mow this lawn, ensuring it becomes more appealing.

Suppose you have outdoor furniture. Then, you will have to remove dirt and debris on the surfaces. You could also consider adding a fresh layer of paint to the furniture.

Focus Heavily on the Living Room

The living room is the first place any guest will notice once they enter your house. You’ll need to make it presentable and organized, giving a welcoming vibe. It is one of the places you must dedicate yourself to cleaning every day.

Cleaning this room requires you to first dust and sanitize high-touch surfaces. The idea is to remove any pathogens and bacteria that might accumulate on these surfaces, cushioning you against health complications in the long run.

You will also need to pay attention to the clutter in the room, which requires you to either sort or discard it. Investing in excellent storage will be a perfect solution to this issue.

Further, vacuum and steam your rugs and carpets. This step helps remove the dust, debris, and pet hair. It ensures that your children and pets are not exposed to allergens. At the same time, make sure that the windows and decor are clean. Ensure that you wipe them with soft materials to avoid scratches.

Clean your living room at least once a week. You can set aside a day for vacuuming and dusting the place, eliminating allergens. Removing clutter daily can give your living room a general sprucing.

Don’t Forget Septic Cleaning

Regular septic cleanings will come in handy. Maintaining a healthy septic system ensures your home is free from stench and harmful bacteria. It also ensures that your system is in great shape and can last long. Yet, it is among the most overlooked secrets to a perpetually clean house.

Various factors affect the frequency with which you clean your septic tank. Usually, these elements include the number of people in your family, the size of the tank, and the amount of waste produced. Whether or not you use enzymes and bacteria in the septic tank determines the frequency.

With a powerful septic tank cleaner, it becomes easy to keep your system clean. Depending on the instructions, you’ll pour the cleaner into the tank to begin cleaning.

While you can clean a septic system yourself, most experts recommend indulging a professional. This step guarantees unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in the long run.

Various signs show that your septic tank is ready for cleaning. The most common sign is water puddling around your feet in the shower. Once you see this, it would be best to consult a professional.

Focus on the Bathroom

Every realtor understands the importance of the bathroom in a house. For this reason, they will want to ensure that it is at its best at all times to attract buyers. But besides appealing to potential homebuyers, upgrading and cleaning your bathroom can help you avoid various health issues and discomfort.

You need to clean the bathroom at least once a week. Since this room is a perfect host of E. coli, regular cleaning minimizes exposure to this bacteria. Please focus on the toilet seat and the sink, as they often host these pathogens. Preferably, use green cleaning material during this process.

Further, keep your bathroom cabinets clean and organized. You can rely on these cabinets to declutter your space, guaranteeing an airy and tidy place.

Bathroom floors must always be clean. You’ll need a powerful cleaner to eliminate the bacteria and pathogens on the surface. Regular cleaning will help avoid the accumulation of dirt and grime in the room. Preferably, do it after using the room at the end of the day.

Everyone is willing to give you their best secrets to a perpetually clean house. Yet, you must learn to personalize your approach to get the best results. The ideas above offer a perfect head start to consider.