Six Facts About Termites

Few pests cause as much fear and panic in the hearts of homeowners as the termite. Left unchecked and allowed to run rampant, termites can destroy wooden structures in the home including roots, wall supports, and foundations. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and in some cases, the damage can be so severe a home has to be partially or completely torn down and rebuilt. This is why paying for termite exterminators is often seen as a necessary expenditure for homeowners.

While it is possible to buy many common pest control products and chemical at DIY pest control shops, for something as serious as termites, it is usually best to leave it to the professionals. They have access to the best termite treatment product lines as well as the tools and equipment needed to properly kill the pests and protect your home. Pest control experts are also specially trained in the best type of termite treatment and monitoring practices, so you really cannot go wrong with their services. Everything from direct wood treatment for termites, bait trap setups, to yearly monitoring and inspections can all be provided by your local termite control expert.

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With the ability for each termite to consume around two feet of wood per day, the tiny insects are among some of the most damage causing insects in the world. though they consume a lot of wood, the termite can fit through a crack in a wall less than one sixteenth of an inch wide, leaving most buildings virtually defenseless without the use of pest control.

In the state of Arizona, for example, termites Phoenix are a major issue, with an estimated 1 in 20 homes being infested each year. Termites Phoenix can be resolved with the proper force provided by pest control az organizations. Pest control mesa and pest control phoenix can provide termite prevention and control throughout much of the state.

It is assumed that termites will only attack wood homes, but concrete homes are just as prone to infestation. Therefore it is important to take precautionary measures to lower risk of infestation. Termites phoenix have been known to have over 1 million termites per colony, with three to four colonies per infested house.

Prevention for termites phoenix include avoiding landscaping with wood support materials when building, keep all wood at least six inches off the ground, do not store wood or cardboard in the house or garage and eliminate excess moisture.