Smarter, More Efficient Temperatures at Home

Efficient home heating

Since home heating accounts for approximately 30 percent of your home energy usage, there is a trend to use the most efficient home heating systems. The new consumer has both a fiscal concern and an ever broadening concern for environmental impact of their homes and energy usage.

New advances in efficient home cooling and efficient home heating allow homeowners to capture energy from their immediate environment and convert it into usable energy for the efficient home heating systems. As a trend, heat pumps in an energy efficient home can provide up to 4 times the amount of energy that they consume in day to day usage. That represents a tremendous improvement for energy efficient home heating.

When it comes to improvements in efficient home heating systems, the heat pump is now available with a multiple speed compressor. What this means is that the heat pump has the ability to operate at the closest capacity speed for any given moment. Remember when you had to constantly adjust the thermostat to produce the preferred temperature in each room. The multiple speed compressor can better adjust to your preferred temperature, meaning you are having to manually monitor the thermostat less and less.

For a quick home efficiency tip, you can upgrade already efficient home heating systems with smarter thermostats. On the simple end, a quick addition of an electronic thermostat will provide some programmable convenience. You no longer have to adjust the thermostat when you leave for work and then when you return home. A simple programmable schedule in smart thermostats does the adjusting for you based on times you select. Want to push it even further? Smart thermostats have made technological strides in that they can predict your schedule and temperature preferences too. Efficient home heating systems continue to provide convenience and cost savings.

Have larger areas that need to temperature controlled? Use a combination of technologies to create different zones with efficient home heating systems. Your heat pumps can run independently to insure the best combination of energy efficiency, comfort, and practicality based on the different rooms or zones in your home.