Stairs And Ramps: Make Accessing Your Storage Container Easier

Storage container locks and security systems are great when it comes to preventing access to unwelcome strangers. But how can you make accessing your storage container easier for everyone else?


By using the right container accessories, you can make getting in and out of your storage container a breeze for everyone.


Install a set of trailer stairs


It can be challenging to haul heavier boxes, furniture, and equipment in and out of a storage container that’s high off the ground. That’s where trailer stairs come in.


Trailer stairs are one of the best solutions for safe and easy storage container access. The trailer stairs offered by us are made with aluminum extrusions and risers, and feature treaded surfaces to ensure your steps are reliable and sturdy.


Trailer stairs help to prevent slips and falls by making it easier to move in and out of your container. There are also available handrails that can be attached or removed when you need them.


Container ramps can do the trick


If you need an easier way to get heavy equipment up into your storage container and you’re using a dolly, container ramps are another great solution for easy container access.


We offer OSHA-certified container ramps that are not only easy to use but are also portable so you can use your ramp at each storage container you own. The ramp attaches to the doorkeepers via a hook-rail to ensure optimal support.


Like the trailer stairs, container ramps come with side rails and zigzag patterns for traction and security. Our container ramps weigh only 35 pounds but are able to handle up to 750 pounds so you can store or use your heavy equipment as many times as you need without worrying about causing stress to your ramp.


Do you need accessories for your storage containers?


It costs $10 per square foot on average to store items in your home, or even in your office. Storage containers make for great on-site storage units to keep your home or workspace organized.


We can help you keep your storage containers organized, too. Whether you need ramps or steps to get into your container or you’re looking for shelves for storage containers, we have what you need. To learn more about our shipping containers or accessories, contact us today.