Summertime Home Maintenance Tips

After enduring harsh weather conditions like winter, summer is finally here. You can relax, enjoy the warm weather and take on some home maintenance projects. With wind, rain, and snow wreaking havoc on your home, this is the time that most issues will be noticeable and easy to fix. But before you start planning all those outdoor cookout sessions, parties, and sunbathing, your home will need some attention. Are you wondering which summertime home maintenance tips to start with? Take a look at some ideas to help maintain your home.

Get Your Air Condition Unit Serviced

Are you among the people that will only call an HVAC technician when the AC is not working? You need to know that servicing your unit often not only makes it more efficient but it makes it last longer. Summer comes with extreme temperatures that can make your home uncomfortable if the AC is not working efficiently. It, therefore, makes sense for this to be a summertime home maintenance tip to consider.

You will need different HVAC services like inspection and cleaning once a year. This will help ensure that your unit is operating at peak performance. As your system continues working, it will accumulate dirt and dust in key parts such as the air filter and condensing coils, affecting its efficiency. For every year that your AC goes unattended, it loses about 5% of its efficiency because of dirt buildup. Do not let such a simple act prevent you from enjoying your summer. Schedule for HVAC maintenance as soon as possible.

Check Your Insulation

Insulation issues can happen anywhere in your home, from your attic to the front door and the small cracks in your garage door. And if your home is not well insulated, your heating and air conditioning bill will be higher than usual. This is because the AC is overworking to provide the right amount of cooling. Already, summer comes with high cooling costs. To lower your energy bills, consider this summertime home maintenance tip and inspect any gaps around your home. If you encounter any, get them looked at and sealed.

Power Wash Your Sidewalks And Driveways

Moss, weeds, and dirt can easily build up on your sidewalks and driveway over time. That is why you need to power wash these areas frequently. Ideally, to keep your driveway and sidewalks clean and fresh, you should pressure wash them yearly. And if you have not done that yet, list it as a summertime home maintenance tip to get to. And even if you pressure washed these areas eight months ago but you start noticing overgrown weeds or stains, clean up again.

Cleaning up allows you to assess these areas and see whether they are damaged. Driveways and sidewalks usually last more than 15 years, depending on the material used and if well maintained. And if yours has already seen better days, you may have to re-do your driveway. Since such a project needs heavy equipment and professional skills, let an expert handle it for you. This is a project that takes at most one week.

Examine Your Roof

Your roofs may also have taken a beating during winter and spring. With the weather being more friendly, now is the time to inspect it and see if you will need roofing repair. Check your tiles and shingles, making sure that none is cracked, broken, or curling. If there is any damage to your roof, in case there are high winds or a storm, your shingles are likely to come loose. And if this happens, your home becomes susceptible to water damage, which will be another issue to fix. Therefore, this is a crucial summertime home maintenance tip you should consider. While inspecting the roofs, if you have skylights, ensure they are well secured. Inspect the seals and confirm that nothing can get through your windows. Check for leaks and cracks as well and have them fixed.

Clean The Gutter And Downspouts

Once you are done with the roof, check your gutters and downspouts. Not only can your gutters and downspouts get damaged over spring and winter, but loose debris can block drainage. When your gutters are not functioning properly, you can expect other issues to arise, including water damage. Fortunately, this is something that local roofers can help you with. They will fix any damage to your gutter and downspouts, leaving them working properly. Your downspouts also need to drain water as far away from your home as possible. You can achieve this by installing extensions or ensuring that your downspouts drain water to proper drainage channels.

Declutter Your Home

One of the ways to make sure you can relax and recharge during spring is by decluttering. You will be creating a tranquil environment for the summer. Decluttering makes a home feel more spacious. So, ask yourself what are those items you do not need anymore. For this chore, you will need dumpster rentals. They make your disposing work much easier. Start with the games you play around your home. When was the last time you played that Chinese checkers game? If it has been years, you may not need it anymore. However, before disposing of any games, ask family members first. If no one enjoys the game anymore, you can donate it.

You may also want to dispose of home decor. New decor pieces are coming out every day, and if you have been keeping up with what is trending, then most likely, you have been buying different home decor for your home of late. Whatever you have not used in a while should be given out or thrown away. Another way to dispose of items is by taking them to a dump station or residential refuse drop-off. But before doing that, it is good to check what items are accepted. Some stations do not take auto parts, dirt, and enclosed items. Because of this, approaching a junk removal business is much better. Such companies are not selective about the junk they are taking. Anything you do not need, they will take and find the right way to dispose of it.

Prepare Your Bathroom

As you plan to host different gatherings and parties, a summertime home maintenance tip you should not forget is prepping the bathroom. Your bathroom is one of the rooms that will get a lot of heat. Since there will be a lot of foot traffic, start looking at some of the ways you can prep it to make it more comfortable for everyone. For instance, your family members or guests will likely want to soak in the tub instead of taking showers. If your tub is not in good shape, schedule bathtub repairs. You may even consider replacing it if it is old. If there are no major repairs to be done, then you only need to worry about heavy-duty cleaning, replacing leaky showerheads and faucets, and unclogging all the drains. To lower the risk of mold buildup, ensure that the exhaust fan works well.

Do Some Landscaping

Walk around your property and check whether there is any landscaping work needed. This is a necessary summertime home maintenance tip to note as you and your family will be outdoors a lot. For instance, are there trees, plants, and bushes that did not survive winter? This is the time to get rid of them and plant new greenery. If you notice dead patches of grass, it is not a good idea to re-seed. The right time to sow grass seed is in late summer or early fall. You will not have to worry about extreme temperatures making it hard for the grass to grow. Instead, focus on other tasks like trimming the shrubs, bushes, and trees. If there is overgrown vegetation that is too close to the roof, siding, or the central air conditioning unit, cut it off before it causes some damaging effects on your home.

You should mulch your gardens. It will help keep the weeds out of your garden, allow your soil to maintain moisture, and enhance the appearance of your home. This is also the opportunity to get your outdoors ready for summer cookouts and parties.

Look Out For Pests

Just as you want to start enjoying the warmth of summer, so do pests. Carpenter ants and termites can especially be a problem. They are attracted to moist and rotting wood. That is why you should make sure that your gutters are clean and that any firewood, mulch, and dense shrubbery is nowhere near the house’s foundation. If you suspect that you may already have a pest issue, be on the lookout for piles of sawdust along your baseboards. This is a sign that you have carpenter ants. On the other hand, termites like shedding their wings along walls, windowsills, and any other entry points.

Mosquitoes and ticks can also be an issue. To get rid of them, check that you are not providing them with breeding grounds. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Watch out for empty gardening pots, birdbaths, or tall grass. Ticks also like tall grass. It is wise to mow your lawn frequently, especially parts of the yard that are shaded. Once you do that, you can relax, knowing that your outdoor activities will go well without worrying about pests.

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have become very popular in homes today for many reasons. For starters, they can lower the home’s electricity bill by reducing too much reliance on the AC. They are also appealing, meaning they can act as home decor. However, they also need some maintenance to keep running smoothly, especially during summer. Things like wiping and oiling will go a long way in keeping ceiling fans in good shape as summer kicks in. Keep in mind that the blades can collect dust, and as they rotate, that dust can also spread in the house. Keep them clean to prevent this. If your ceiling fan has aged and is no longer working well, consider replacing the unit. Just remember that this is a job you should leave to electricians, especially if you have no skills whatsoever in ceiling fan installation.

Clean Your Grill

This summertime home maintenance tip applies to those people that love grilling. Summer is the right time for backyard picnics and barbecues with friends and family. So, before you start inviting them to a party, check that your grill is in good shape. To make your grill last a long time, it will need maintenance and cleaning. This will also help your food retain its flavor just as you intended. Soak and scrub the grates and grill and wipe both the interior and the exterior of the grill. If you use a gas grill, check the propane tank and ensure it is safe. And if you use a charcoal grill, stock up enough charcoal.

Prep You Deck Or Patio

With all the summer cookouts and gatherings, people will be relaxing on the deck or patio. Even if you do not plan on hosting people over the summer, you will still need a nice space for relaxing and taking in the fresh air. That means this is a summertime home maintenance tip for anyone with a deck or patio. Get the place ready, whether it is by washing or replacing the furniture. You will be glad you did it when the house becomes too much, and you just want to relax outside.

Inspect Your Fence

The last summertime maintenance tip you should consider is checking the condition of your fence. Fences can also take a beating when exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is common with old fences. Inspect your fence and see if it needs some TLC. At times, maybe all you need to do is repaint it, and you will end up with a clean-looking property.

All summertime home maintenance tips mentioned above are necessary. It is all a matter of how well you have been taking care of your home. Some might not be necessary, especially if you are a DIY person who is always looking for things to fix in the house. However, if you have not paid much attention to your home off late, take a look at some of these tips and see how you can prepare for summer.