Swimming The Fourth Most Popular Sport

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Swimming is an enjoyable American past-time. The picture of kids jumping into the pool, swimming around the pool, playing, while parents watch from lounge chairs and sip on drinks, is an undeniably American image.

Fortunately, due to the advent of public pools, children and parents of all income levels are able to enjoy the activity of swimming. It’s still one of the most popular sports in America, at fourth, and it’s the most popular recreational activity for children and teens between the ages of seven and 17.

But the lingering image of American ease and contentment still proliferates in today’s consciousness. For instance:

  • 14% of consumers are adding outdoor kitchens to their backyards.
  • Houzz shows that one of the three top items being added to outdoor areas are barbecues or grills.

While these are expensive additions, the ability to cook for a child’s friends or their families is still a welcome activity. Part of the allure of the swimming pool lies in the activity itself: the diving board, which 38% of in-ground pools have; the clear water that tastes like chlorine; even the bubbly jets which provide relaxation. Part of it is the ability to host over friends and families for a nice Saturday afternoon in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, pools require constant maintenance and repair. Here are some statistics:

  • Owners should check pool chemistry 1-2 times per week during the summer and once per 1-2 weeks in the winter.
  • One in five Americans admit to peeing in the pool, according to a survey by the Water Quality and Health Council.
  • You need to skim your pool at least twice a week to keep it clean.
  • 85% of pools use chlorine to sanitize it.

Pool repair is sometimes necessary as well. Pool repair can involve anything from repairing the walls of the pool, painting the walls of the pool, to pool cleaning, which can also be done with a pool cleaning service. A local pool cleaning service can lead to a quote about a swimming pool cleaning, as well as referrals for larger pool repair projects.

When the pool is fully up and running, it can be used for another healthy activity: exercising. Swimming as exercise is one of the healthiest forms of cardiovascular activity a person can do. This is for numerous reasons.

First, swimming involves moving against the water’s resistance, which is 20 times that of air. That means you’re working harder per stroke because you’re moving through a relatively dense substance.

Two, swimming engages the entire body, from the legs with a kick motion, to the arms as they pull through the water, and even the core, which stabilizes the body with all the twist and turn motions. Swimming is truly a full body workout, which is easy to see when looking at professional swimmers.

Third, swimming is easier on the joints and bones than regular cardiovascular exercise like a bicycle or running on hard pavement. This is because the water in a pool has a “cushioning” effect. While you are working hard through that density, the water supports your limbs, meaning you don’t come into contact with a hard surface.

An hour of vigorous swimming will actually burn up to 650 calories per hour, depending on fitness level.

Swimming is a great activity for all ages and promotes wellness and even socialization. Pool repair is necessary on occasion and maintenance is necessary every week. Many enjoy it for a lifetime.