Terrazzo Flooring is Attractive and Utilitarian

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Terrazzo flooring is a popular and attractive type of flooring material that dates back 1500 years. It was used by Venetian workers as a low cost flooring material. It is also long lasting and easy to maintain. Unlike carpeting and even wood floors, terrazzo and travertine flooring take very little effort to keep clean. The best way to clean terrazzo floors is a simple sweep-and-mop. Especially for warmer climates, terrazzo and travertine tile cleaning is easy and with a little effort, they can be kept looking new and polished for years.

Terrazzo flooring has a long history
Terrazzo is a composite material using a binder that holds together chips of marble, granite, glass, quartz, etc. The type of chips and binder used give the flooring its distinctive appearance and coloring. The binding material is either poured on the floor directly or precast, and then the chips are scattered across the surface. A heavy roller is used to create a smooth surface, once it has set and dried, it is polished to a high shine.
Terrazzo has a long history and has been and is still used for both utilitarian and decorative purposes. It has been used to create decorative effects on floors in churches and other public buildings and monuments. The Hoover Dam has terrazzo flooring featuring a design inspired by Native American art.

Thin-set terrazzo is lightweight and durable
Contemporary terrazzo is generally polymer-based terrazzo. It was first used in the 1970s and is called thin-set terrazzo. The binding material used is epoxy terrazzo, which comes in a wide range of colors. It is also thinner, lighter and quicker to install than the traditional terrazzo which used cement binding. It has a better finish and is even stronger and more durable than traditional terrazzo flooring. However, epoxy is suitable only for indoor use, unlike traditional terrazzo which could be used outdoors as well.

The best way to clean terrazzo floors
Care and maintenance of terrazzo floors is simple. With regular maintenance and cleaning, terrazzo floors can last for decades or even for hundreds of years. Tile floor cleaning takes very little effort to restore the original polished look. The best way to clean terrazzo floors is also the simplest. Terrazzo cleaning needs only a little water and a mop to bring out its beauty.
Very occasionally, the grout between tiles may need cleaning. In this case, it’s best to use a simple homemade mixture instead of harsh chemicals which will erode the grout. One part white vinegar mixed with two parts water will do the job.
For more complicated tile floor restoration or repair, calling in a professional is the best choice. Terrazzo and travertine polishing will make your floors as good as new. Travertine and terrazzo floors can also be repaired easily, and cracked or chipped tiles can be replaced quickly and at low cost.

Terrazzo and travertine flooring is a popular choice for flooring, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood or tile floors in the kitchen. In warmer climates, it can be used for the whole house. Another reason to pick terrazzo flooring is that it is ecofriendly, using recycled materials. With the advantages of low cost, easy a maintenance and durability, terrazzo flooring is also a popular choice for commercial buildings.