The Importance of Isolation Transformers in Your Home

If you are a homeowner, there is probably a lot about the electric processes in your house that you are unaware of. An isolation transformer allows the voltage going into the transformer to put out the same amount of voltage going out. This is different than typical transformers but it is important to mitigate potential shock.

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Power comes into your house from a pole transformer which initially lowers the voltage when it travels to your home. With one rod going into the ground, the earth becomes somewhat of a conductor, which is why you can get shocked if you touch the wrong side of an outlet.

Typically, the right side of the socket is considered “hot” or “live”, but an amateur electrician may reverse the polarity, so it’s best to never assume what side is live. If you plug an isolation transformer into the system, it gives the same power coming out, without the risk of getting shocked because the ground is no longer acting as a conductor.

This is important information to know whether you are an experienced electrician or a homeowner attempting to do electrical work on your own. This is not recommended as you should always contact a professional to do these jobs. Watch the video to learn more!