The Three Benefits of Nexcem ICF

You may have heard the axiom in cooking, “If the ingredients are good, it can’t be bad.” The same is true when it comes to choosing your construction materials. Many builders still use polystyrene (styrofoam) to insulate their buildings because it’s water-resistant and lightweight, but make no mistake: polystyrene is a possible carcinogen, and its production and disposal have several harmful effects on the environment. Instead, builders do well to work with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), which are stronger, more environmentally friendly, and can end up reducing costs in the long run, particularly if you’re working with Nexcem ICF.

ICF is a strong alternative to traditional materials.

ICF has been used in construction for about 60 years, and modern buildings made with ICF can be nine times stronger than traditional buildings. The average ICF block is about ten inches thick, and buildings made with ICF construction materials can withstand gales of over 400 kilometers per hour. That’s more than a Force 12 hurricane.

It’s eco-friendly.

ICF tends to offer better insulation than traditional concrete flooring, making it a more energy-efficient choice. Nexcem ICF in particular is a green alternative because it’s made from cement bonded wood chips, which are formed from recycled waste wood. Tenants can also rest assured that they won’t be exposed to toxic chemicals, as the wood is never produced from post-consumer waste.

You’ll end up reducing costs.

When ICF blocks are installed, one row is put in at a time and end pieces are cut to fit. This means that no product goes to waste. The resulting decking weighs 40% less than traditional concrete, which will put less strain on the foundations of the building. Because the insulation is so reliable, building owners can save up to 25% in energy costs. In total, installing ICF will reduce property costs by 75 cents per square foot.

As you shop for the most energy efficient and cost effective construction materials, whether they’re for commercial buildings or residential areas, ICF is a wise choice. Using Nexcem ICF can especially reduce your carbon footprint and create stronger building. If you’re looking tor high performance green building materials, there is no better option.