The Top Four Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Weekly Energy Usage

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Is there a way to save money and increase the comfort of your home? With a high-quality air conditioning unit…absolutely. Many American households find themselves frustrated with their air conditioning costs and it’s a common conclusion to reach that getting good energy for a good price just isn’t possible. If you find yourself actively dreading your energy bill every time it comes in the mail, you need to look below and do the air conditioning checklist. These basic questions will determine just where you stand on the energy efficiency scale and help you figure out if you need a repair job, a new installation or a new form of heating and cooling entirely.

Quick Facts

Let’s see what you know about heating and cooling in America. Around two-thirds of American households are home to an air conditioning unit, making it more popular than boilers and furnaces combined. Air conditioners even cost the country more than $11 billion every year in both usage and maintenance costs. More high efficiency heating systems have a yearly fuel utilization of 90% to 95%. This is useful if you find yourself wanting to wander off the beaten path when it comes to your energy use.

Is Your Boiler Too Old?

Nothing eats away at your energy efficiency like a unit that’s starting to show its age. The average boiler lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 years. What that means for you is double-checking your manufacturer and seeing where their cut off date is. Furnaces don’t last quite as long, so consider a replacement once you start hitting 15 years or so. When heating and cooling account for nearly 50% of the energy use in the average American household, it’s time to get serious about where you’re putting your money!

Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Out-Of-Date?

Perhaps you don’t have a boiler. What should you expect from an air conditioning unit instead? Most central air conditioning units last 15 to 20 years. Once you reach a decade it’s recommended by most air conditioning professionals you start getting more frequent check-ups to make sure you’re not indirectly wasting money on an out-of-date system. Duct losses can account for over 30% of your energy consumption. Even worse? These are usually hard to spot unless you’re a contractor. Getting professional air conditioning services will save you a lot of financial heartache.

Have You Changed Your Filters Lately?

It’s also just as likely your air conditioning unit is doing fine…and just needs a new filter! Not only does an AC unit keep your home warm or cool during the extreme seasons, they also do the dual work of clearing out your air and ridding it of nasty contaminants. Mold, pollen, dust, you name it! When your filters are old and clogged they won’t be doing the work they need to, creating dirty air and reduced efficiency that can have you wondering what went wrong. Most filters need to be changed every one to three months. Air conditioning services can do this and in good time.

Have You Called A Commercial HVAC Contractor?

No matter the type of heating and cooling, contacting your local contractor or air conditioning services will clear up any doubts you have about your energy system. You can figure out if your boiler is too old or if your AC unit needs its filters swapped. Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner (almost always brand new and eco-friendly, to boot) could reduce your energy usage by 20% to even 50%. This should always be paired with smart energy consumption habits, such as using a programmable thermostat and keeping your windows shut during the cold season.

Believe it or not…you can have the best of both worlds.