Three Tips to Make You a Savvy Furniture Shopper

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Did you know that recently a range of unique stone furniture has been excavated near Skara Brae, which is a Neolithic village located in Orkney? You see, the site dates from 3100-2500 BC, and due to a shortage of wood, the ancient Neolithic people built their furniture with stone! Thankfully, our modern furniture is made with materials that are a bit more comfortable than dense, hard minerals.

Of course, without proper furniture buying tips, any shopper will think that they’ve bought furniture built out of rocks. To keep you from making mistakes and taking home a couch that feels like it was built in the Neolithic, here’s a short handy list of furniture buying tips to help you out!

1. Check the Springs and Cushions.

If you prefer your sofas to be more firm, then you’re going to want traditional coiled springs, but if you like the softer feel, you’ll want zigzag coils. Take the cushions off, and press down on the base. The coils should go down, and spring back into place immediately. As for cushions, the firmer they are, the better they’ll hold up over time, according to the furniture buying tips from Money Talks News. To extend the cushions lifespan, flip them over every few months, or find removable covers that can be easily washed.

2. Ask For Discounts, and Haggle.

Chances are, you can always get a discount if you just ask the manager for one. Many times they’ll give you 10% off, but you can always ask for more. This is a much better approach than just going for the super-sales, as many people posting furniture buying tips will tell you. The sales are usually full of loopholes, and often aren’t giving you a better value. However, because furniture stores have a lot of wiggle room due to the high markup, they’ll likely cut you some slack on the price.

3. KNow the materials.

Naturally, different furniture material types hold up better than others. The most important material to consider is the wood, which builds the skeleton of the piece. Solid wood is oft more expensive because it looks stunning, but is weak to scratches and water rings. Veneers are less expensive because their wood base is cheaper, but is covered in thin layers of more expensive wood. Lastly, particle board and composite wood furniture pieces are essentially built with the scraps–the wood pulps, plastics, and resin. While these are the cheapest, they’re also the least durable.

Hopefully the furniture buying tips from this guide to buying furniture have helped make you a savvy shopper that’ll avoid Neolithic feeling sofas. If you have any questions about these furniture buying tips, feel free to ask in the comments. If you have any other furniture buying tips to suggest, feel free to leave them in the comments! Get more on this here: www.carolinafactoryoutlet.com