Tips for Installing LP Smartside Sliding

LP siding is a durable wood panel that can protect you from termite damage, decay, and rots. It uses a distinct manufacturing process that stands out from the rest. The wood is treated with a Zinc Borate compound that helps protect from fungal decay and termites.

Every wood strand is coated with special binders that strengthen the wood and keep it strong from moisture. LP siding is known for its durability, natural wood look.

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It is also lower in cost because you can save from its maintenance. It saves your time and energy, and it is easy to paint.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do LP siding installation.

Measure the length of the surface you want to put the installation. You can use a measuring tool to be accurate. Put a mark on it. It will serve as your guide before cutting.

Next, cut the wood into the machine.

Put a primer
Put a primer on both edges.

The last step is installing it by measuring it again and nailing it into the surface. You can also use a hammer after you do it. It can help the wood last longer and become durable.

LP siding installation is best with the help of professionals. But it can also work if you have a little knowledge of how it works and how to install it.