Warning Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

Heating and cooling systems

Your furnace is what makes your home go round. It is responsible for heating your home on a cold winter’s night, and it is the one thing that keeps you cold on sweltering summer days. You might not realize that your heating and cooling system is functioning properly until it is broken, and then you are stuck looking for furnace repair when you need it the most! Furnaces typically last on average of 15 to 18 years, and account for about 48% of the energy used in your home! Here are some clues that symbolizes HVAC systems are almost at the end of their life, so you can know when to call a local HVAC technician.

It is making noise when inanimate objects should not be making noise.

Your furnace should be quietly humming along in your basement, not making odd popping, squealing or banging noises. These noises are common in older furnaces, so if you are hearing them more frequently you may need to get your furnace looked at.

A smell

Smelling gas in a home can lead to a homeowner’s nightmare. If you smell gas at all, this could potentially mean you have a leak in your heat exchanger which could lead to a serious issue if not resolved.

High bills but an inefficient machine

Are your electric bills sky high? This may be a sign your furnace needs repair as it has lost its efficiency as it aged. So now your machine is working harder to provide lackluster service, and is running longer to provide the same amount of heating and cooling. Or, if hot and cold spots happen frequently in your home because the furnace isn’t keeping up, look into furnace repair.

Your duct work could also be a culprit, as traditional ductwork can have cooling losses up to 40%.

Dust on dust

Taking more time than usual out of your cleaning routine to dust? Old furnaces often have trouble filtering the air that enters your home, so checking your air filter and HVAC system is a must if you are noticing this trend.

Find any of these symptoms in your home? Make sure to call your local HVAC services technicians for furnace repair before it is too late!