What Modern Manufactured Homes Are Like

In the past, manufactured homes have had a bad reputation. Since these homes are inexpensive and efficient, they were often considered to be less desirable than stick-built homes. They also had a few problems in their early days, including increased fire risks.

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Now, however, they are a great affordable option for anyone looking for a green single-family home.

Modern manufactured homes don’t necessarily look like trailer homes. Some of these homes have multiple levels, and others are constructed from more than just one or two sections, giving them a more traditional look. Inside, they are finished like any modern home.

Additionally, modern manufactured homes have to be built to HUD standards, which now include standards for energy efficiency. This means manufactured homes often come with double-pane windows and walls filled with high R-value insulation.

Overall, modern manufactured homes have come a long way since the trailer homes you may be familiar with. They are safe, modern, efficient, and green options for anyone who wants a single-family home.

If you’re interested in living in a manufactured home and already have land, you should be aware that some cities have ordinances preventing land owners from installing these homes. These ordinances may be removed or altered in the near future thanks to federal government intervention.