What to Think About Prior to Purchasing Compost

When contemplating what kind of compost you should get for your yard, whether you are a homeowner or looking for your business, there are five essential things you should consider.

First, think about what your compost is made from. Things like pine, wood, and food scraps are all okay to be in compost. On the other hand, biosolids need to be fully composted before being safe to use. Manure, while being a great fertilizer, needs to be fully composted as well.

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Second, if you’re purchasing your compost at a bulk organic compost supplier, facility, or farm, ask them what method they use. If they are unable to explain their process to you or say that it is “aged”, that is a sign that they let manure sit in a pile for years resulting in a material that is improperly composted.

Always look at the Ph level of the compost. Any Ph level between six and eight would be ideal. The carbon and nitrogen ratios need to be balanced as well, and in this case, look for numbers between 10 and 20. High carbon levels would indicate a poor compost consistency, akin to sawdust. Finally, rely on your own senses to make your decisions. Use your sense of smell, touch, and eyes to determine if the compost seems like the right fit for you.