What you Need to Know Before Installing a Glass Shower Door

Frameless shower doors have spiked in popularity recently, and for good reason! They are elegant, simple, and bring an element of beauty to any bathroom in your home. When you’re thinking about installing a frameless shower enclosure to your own home, there are several factors to consider before you get right to building. This video details the many benefits of bringing a frameless shower enclosure to your bathroom setup.

Frameless doors are popular for many reasons! They let light into your washrooms, brightening them up instead of darkening them like traditional tile and grout. They also bring an open, spacious feeling.

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this causes the room to appear larger. One thing of note to consider when thinking about installing a frameless shower door is the precision required in the installation process itself. Professionals are always recommended for the addition of one of these doors. If you’re looking to DIY your new shower, a frameless shower enclosure probably isn’t the direction you want to head. Once professionally installed, these showers give any bathroom a touch of refinement!