Which Insulation Should You Get for Your Home?

Help for Homeowners Looking for Insulation

There are two basic kinds of home insulation options commonly referred to as batt and blown insulation. Batt insulation is precut to pieces that are six-foot by two feet in length. It makes it a bit difficult to move it into the proper position, and it can be challenging to get around existing features. Some homeowners prefer this type of insulation because if people are walking around on it, like in the attic during the building of the property, the material bounces back easily. It proves to be ideal for places that see a lot of foot traffic, and it’s expected to be more durable because of this feature.

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Blown in insulation is another option for homeowners that need to put insulation in a structure that’s already been built. It will not settle and collapse under its own weight like batt insulation tends to do over time. In addition, it’s easier to maneuver around existing cables, lumber, plumbing, and other constructional components. Many property owners choose blown-in insulation to get the peace of mind that their insulation will remain effective and in place indefinitely.